Ionizer Specifications & Comparisons

Ionizer Specifications

What is the Most Important Factor When Choosing an Ionizer?


The engine size determines the strength and potency of the water as well as the COST.  The larger the engine, the better the water and higher in price for each machine.  Some deceptive companies on the internet tell the consumer their Ionizers are the same as the Enagic SD501 but for cheaper.  Instead of advertising their machines TOTAL ENGINE SIZE they highlight that their machines have the same number of electrode plates as Enagic’s seven Plate SD501… But number of plates are only part of the equation.  They bank on the consumers lack of knowledge on engine construction.

So How Do You Determine A Machines Engine Size?

Every ionizer engine consists of electrode PLATES made up of Platinum and Titanium (This is where most of the machines cost comes from).  The TOTAL SURFACE AREA of all the plates in the machine is the engines size.  This can be calculated by each plates height x plate width x 2 sides x number of plates.  This calculation gives you the engines actual size usually measured in square inches.

Here’s An Example

The Enagic SD501 is a 7 Plate Ionizer with each plate 7 inches by 5 inches.  So that is 7 inches x 5 inches x 2 sides x 7 plates = 490 square inches

So basically by stating that their 7 plate machines are the equivalent of the Enagic 7 plate engine, deceptive companies are telling the consumer that their seven nickels are equal to seven quarters

More Examples & Comparisons

sd501 tyent mmp9090 dx2 tyent 7070 jr2 life 7700
Brand/Model EnagicTM SD501 TyentTM MMP 9090Turbo Extreme EnagicTM DXII TyantTM MMP 7070Turbo EnagicTM JRII LifeTM 7700
Construction Solid Mesh Solid Mesh Solid Mesh
Plate Size 7″x5″ 7″x3.5″ 7″x5″ 7″x3.5″ 7″x5″ 5″x3″
Plate Number 7 9 5 7 3 7
Engine Size 490sqin 441sqin 350sqin 343sqin 210sqin 210sqin
PRICE $3980 $3500 $3280 $2700 $2380 $2000
The top selling ionizer worldwide also has the largest engine in the industry Advertised as a superior 9 plate engine. Only has 441sqin. The Enagic midrange ionizer has a larger engine than EVERY 7 plate ionizer in the industry Advertised as the cheaper equivalent to the SD501 yet has a smaller engine than the midrange Enagic DXII The Enagic economy model is equal in size to other companies 7 plate models Advertised as an equivalent to the Enagic SD501 with an engine only half the size
more-info more-info more-info

As You Can See The Cost Of ANY Ionizer Is Greatly Dependent On The Size Of The Engine

Compare Enagic’s Plates With The Competition

Enagic Plate Size

A Closer Look at Engine Size Comparison

enagic plates 1

Mesh Plates = Less Surface Area = Half Engine Size



Non Serviceable Plates!  No other company but Enagic can remove hard water buildup from their plates.  No other company but Enagic  has brick and mortar service locations around the country to service their machines.  Once your engine has hard water buildup your engine is no longer ionizing water.  Enagic is the ONLY company that can disassemble their engine and clean the plates like brand new.  This service only costs around $35-$45 dollars.

kangen plates

You Only Have 1 Body… Don’t Gamble With It On Imitation Devices

Kangen Water Machine compared to competitor


PART 2: Company Profiles

Aside from Enagic’s machines which are made by Enagic in Japan there are other companies in Korea who attempt to copy Enagic’s technology with cheaper material and sells the distribution rites to the general public to label and market as their own machines.

You Can Tell These Companies By A Few Identifying Characteristics:

  1. Fancy websites that give you every specification of their machine except for Plate Size or Engine Size
  2. NO CONTACT ADDRESS ON WEBSITE or Contact address is a home or small business.  What this means is that the business you are buying from is actually a one man to 20 person operation who bought the licensing rights to rename and sell as their own product.  Just Google Map the address and see for yourself.
  3. The ‘About Us’ page on the website tells little or nothing about the company their history or background.
  4. Their ionizers are the same exact model and design as other companies but labeled as a different brand and model. (These companies purchase from the same imitation supplier)



Enagic is the originator of home ionizer technology and the ONLY ionizer company employing  thousands of people GLOBALLY, starting from the factory technicians in Japan, to the international sales offices, and to the distributors all over the globe.  Compared in technology and reliability there really is no comparison.




Enagic machines are assembled BY ENAGIC in Japan by trained technicians in a professional and controlled environment.

Screen Shot 2013-04-13 at 3.01.11 PM


NO OTHER COMPANY Holds The Certifications, Recognition And Good Business Standing That Enagic Has Established For Themselves

Screen Shot 2013-04-13 at 3.12.10 PM


When you know ALL THE FACTS predatory marketing can’t sway your decisions.

Choose The #1 Sold Ionizer Around The World

Only Choose ENAGIC Brand Machines

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