3 RED FLAG Ionizer Technologies

3 Red Flag

Some companies try to deceive unknowing customers through a technique called ‘turning features of necessity into benefits’.  Due to inferiorly small and weak engines some technologies are necessarily put in place just for the machines to be able to ionize water.  Companies then advertise them as extraordinary special features.  Three important red flag technologies to look out for are described below.

Mesh Plates – Because of the high cost of precious metals used in electrolysis engine plate construction, some companies use mesh plates instead of solid plates.  The holes in the mesh plates create less surface area which, in-turn, requires less precious metals for production which is a huge cost shortcut for the manufacturer.  This means your engine is actually only a fraction the size of a similar sized plate that is made of completely solid construction.

SMPS Technology – SMPS power stands for “Switch Mode Power Supply”.  SMPS technology rapidly switches power on and off at a rapid pace.  This type of power supply is a necessity for ionizer engines that are too small to handle a constant ‘ON’ power supply. If they were to utilize a constant ‘ON’ power supply their weaker engines would eventually melt .  Enagic engines are the only machines powered through a transformer power supply which is a constant ‘ON’ power supply.

Adjustable Flow Rates – Adjustable flow rates are designed to slow down the water passing through the electrolysis chamber giving the water more time in the engine to ionize.  If the engine is sufficiently strong enough to ionize you should not have to slow down the water flow in the engine.  Enagic Kangen Water machines do not need to slow down water for ionization


Important Ionizer Facts
  • Kangen Water Machines are the only machines used in Japanese hospitals
  • Kangen Water Machines are the only machines approved by the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare
  • Kangen Water Machines are the only machines that do not overheat
  • Enagic is the only company with brick and mortar offices and service stations around the country and globe.  All other companies are virtual online only
  • ALL Ionizer Review Websites are owned and operated by competitor ionizer distributors to elaborately steer people into buying their ionizers…Very Misleading


When you know ALL THE FACTS predatory marketing can’t sway your decisions.

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